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fork on the road posterfork on the road - before the crowds
It's been a long day, but surprisingly cruisy. And clearly it ended with us going off to Fork on the Road... but more on that later.

Although I always hate that moment when you wake up on a weekend at the regular weekday time and it takes your mind a few moments to remember that it's actually the weekend and that you can actually go back to sleep for a while.

bowden fountainsweet ricotta and chocolate pastizzi
It turns out that I didn't need to worry about weirdness from the guy at the supermarket, he wasn't even there... which actually was a little disappointing, if only because it would have gotten any potential weirdness out of the way (maybe... I'm not sure if it will make things more or less weird to be honest).

After we hit the supermarket we headed down the road to see the Honey Man... it's been a while since we headed down to see him, and there were sadly very few honey options... previously he's had about six or seven different varieties, but today he only had three. Supposedly it's been a bad season, which is unfortunate.

mr fork checks his messagespaella on the simmer
Since the news broke that Spring Gully was in financial trouble, we've been intending to head down to their factory store to show our support. With one thing and another we've not managed it until today.

It's actually much closer than I thought it was... just down at the end of Prospect Road (which we were already most of the way down due to supermarkets and honey acquisition) in Cavan. It's also a much smaller shop that I was imagining... but we picked up a few things that were slightly cheaper than they are in the shops, which is nice, and we also had a bit of a chat with (I'm guessing) Mrs Spring Gully.

best! toastie! evah! complete with picklebowden roof peak
Then it was back to my place to unpack and whatnot... and for Ma to open the Warrior Woman minifig I got her (which she quite liked).

We didn't really have much of a plan for the remainder of the day, other than the fact that we were headed to Fork on the Road at 4pm, but Ma wanted to head into the city to look at a couple of things... and half a plan is better than no plan at all.

jay w gives a speechblowing the big horn
After seeing my Series 10 minifigures Ma decided that she wanted to pick up her own Sad Clown, Bumblebee Girl and Sea Captain... so after we got into the city we headed off to Myer.

Thankfully they'd put out a whole new box and Ma actually found all three herself. I did confirm them all for her though, and it also didn't take a whole lot of time which was good.

tacocat trilogychimi fries and sauce
We did some other random wandering and ended up in the food court in the new Rundle Place. We were both a little thirsty so we stopped at Fresh Junction to get something to drink.

I decided to try the sugar cane juice... just because it sounded so damn weird. I don't think they've been selling all that much of it because the woman upsized me for free. Unfortunately a large serving was way, way, way too much. Don't get me wrong, it was nice... but in very small doses. I'm not even sure the size I originally ordered wouldn't have been too much... I think a small size would have worked, since I only drank about a third of what I had.

stormy forkhomemade renegade lemonade
After we'd finished wandering around the city we did a quick detour to Bowden to scope out the location for Fork on the Road and then came back to my place to kill some time.

We ended up watching Up, and by the time we were finished with that and the special features it was time to head off to get our Fork on. Thankfully the weather held off... although the sky was incredibly ominous and there were half a dozen spots of rain.

that's a hell of a bikelego spaceman with dreadlocks
This particular Fork on the Road was partly for the opening of part of the new development at Bowden... it was slightly odd... there was a whole separate "private party" going on at the same time as Fork, which was weird... and the Premier gave a speech, which I only paid attention too long enough to snap a photo before wandering back to the food.

We did the usual trick of getting a little bit of stuff from a range of places... and mostly we shared it out between us...

yummy chocolate gelatiroyal brownies
We started with a couple of pastizzi from Archie, then shared one of the most awesome toasies ever from Little Big Cheese Co and a passionade from The Little Van That Could.

Then we got a trio of tacos from Tacocat, and some fries and yummy dipping sauce from Chimichurri Grill. So much yummy food!

We finished it off with some gelato from Giro Gelato, chocolate for me and honeycomb for Ma and picked up some of the yummy brownies from Four Seeds (which is also where I snapped the guy with dreadlocks and the Lego Spaceman teeshirt).

So even though Ma isn't interested in doing things for Mother's Day, it was nice that this kind of synced up together and we did something fun.

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