lifescouts: music month

April was music month on Lifescouts...

I'm really, really, really not musical. Although part of the problem was the choice of musical instruments... if they'd included a xylophone and a recorder in the list, I would have had a couple more badges.

Yeah, I know... the least cool instruments known to man. I've never played the drums, I've never played a guitar, and I haven't done anything musical for several years.

lifescouts: piano

The piano story that comes immediately to mind is from my Year 8 music class.

The majority of the stuff we did for that class was on keyboards, but there was one particular day where the number of keyboards was less than the number of kids in the class, and for whatever reason, I was the dumb bunny than ended up without a keyboard.

There was, however, an upright piano in the corner of the room, so I ended up using that. Our task for that lesson was to learn, I think, Love Me Tender. And by the end of the hour I could not only play it through, I could do it without the music. And it sounded so much better on this big old piano than on the little electronic keyboards.

Granted, I don't think we ever went back and practiced that again, so I don't think that it stuck for much longer than that lesson, but it's one of the few times that I managed to commit a song to memory in such a short time.

lifescouts: keyboard

I don't quite remember when I got it (or why I wanted it to be honest), and I don't really know what brand or model it was (I think it was probably a Casio, but I honestly don't remember), although I think Ma still has it in a cupboard upstairs at her place (in the original box), but some time in the 1980's I got a keyboard.

And I spent a fair degree of time hammering away at it sitting at the kitchen table, trying to learn the small repertoire of sheet music that I had.

I don't remember most of the songs, but I do remember spending a fair degree of time working on playing Annie's Song by John Denver (because I was so current and modern, I learned a song that came out the year that I was born).

I think I also had a book of Christmas music, so I think I tortured the house teaching myself Away In A Manger and Oh Christmas Tree amongst other things.

lifescouts: concert

I didn't go to a concert until I was about 20...

To some degree I don't really see the point in going to see people play songs that sound worse than they do on their album or else watching them mime while putting on a performance.

But I think that's partly about the fact that I'm really not that bothered about music in general.

There have been a few exceptions to this however.

Ludo and I became band groupies for a local pub band called Framing Watson. However, I would more accurately describe those as "gigs" and not concerts... although we did see them when they were supporting various larger acts that came closer.

However my first concert experience was going to see Janet Jackson's Janet World Tour concert on February 21, 1995 with Ludo and his girlfriend at the time.

Then on December 20, 1998 I went to see The Velvet Rope World Tour, which was also my final concert going experience.

There have been various other music events since (although not that many), but they're much more in the category of smaller and less grand "gigs".

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