photo friday: splash of colour

rainbow diamondpastel street words

painted pianoflowers of paper
This has been such a long, busy, crazy week that by the time I left work this afternoon, I was, to paraphrase Captain Mal Reynolds from Firefly, aiming to misbehave.

The actual form of misbehaving didn't amount to anything particularly newsworthy, but it was a different way to spend a Friday afternoon. And it meant that I wandered through town much later than usual and ended up having dinner at Zambrero on Rundle Street before heading home a different way than usual.

My week improved somewhat after Wednesday... I didn't have less stuff to do, far from it, I currently have a to-do list that's about three quarters of an A4 page, albeit with a number of things crossed off. However I was able to pass some of the more generic tasks off to the new girl, which freed up my time so I could concentrate on things that needed my personal attention.

Last night I headed over to Tink's place to get my hair did. At some point a couple of weeks ago I'd noticed my hair in the bathroom mirror and work and suddenly had a revelation that the blonde we'd been using was just too blonde, so I asked Tink to take it a couple of shades darker. I think we just ended up with the colour we used to do. It's a slightly warmer blonde, a little more honey than the other colour.

Other than that we just made with the chatting... and as usual we covered a range of topics... it's always an enjoyable evening.

My tattoo related discussions with Owl Girl continued this week, seemingly the closer she gets to getting her tattoo, the more I get kicked into gear regarding mine. And weirdly, one of the artists that I was planning to email with a description of the piece of artwork I want just messaged me on Twitter... so clearly that's supposed to be something that happens tonight.

So if you'll excuse me...

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