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rainbow umbrella at circular quayrainbow bricks at the sydney brick show
There should be some sort of rule that says that work shouldn't allowed to get stupidly busy after lunch on a Friday... it's just rude.

It's been a weird week to be honest... due to staff movements (someone leaving and someone else taking over their job) I've ended up taking on a bunch of additional work which also comes with some additional money, although I'm not completely sure how much exactly. But given the general ambiguity about my position, that money is a good thing.

Oh, and I got to hold a baby this afternoon... one of the women at work who left at the beginning of March to have a baby came in this afternoon with said baby, and as always, I had to hold the baby. She was really good actually, she slept most of the time I was holding her, and then when she woke up she basically just pulled faces and smiled up at me, which was nice.

I spent the whole of my lunch on Monday tracking down street art, then Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I spent the majority of my lunchbreaks in Myer feeling up the Series 10 Lego Minifigures.

I swore that I'd found all of the minifigs on Wednesday, I had 7 still to find, plus picked up a couple of extras, one for my desk at work and one for Ma, making 9... I got charged for 9, but I got home and could only find or account for 8... very annoying.

So I had to go back in on Thursday, talk to a completely different staff member than I'd seen the previous two trips and then go through the box and a half that was left looking for a single remaining figure. And it was the "Fashionista" who isn't one of my favourite designs for this series. She turned out to be the fourth to last bag I checked.

But I did have a lovely chat with a FFOL (female fan of Lego) who came along to feel up the bags looking for her own set. We had a lovely chat about coming back to Lego after being away from it, and it was all very pleasant.

Speaking of conversations, I had the oddest of conversations with a young gentleman on Grindr yesterday... it was like talking to four different people, I never quite knew what random thing he was going to say next. It was an amusing distraction, but not much else.

Pretty much at the same time, I also was possibly being hit on by a guy who works in the fruit and veg department of the supermarket Ma and I got to every weekend. He actually started the conversation with "I see you shopping every weekend with your mum"... which is a tiny bit creepy and confronting. Even though he didn't have a full face picture, I think I know who he is... and to be honest, he's not one of the guys I regularly perv on.

Either way, it'll make tomorrow interesting...

I headed off to Espionage Gallery last night to see "Anything But Human: A Surreal Group Exhibition"... and even though I was there when the doors opened, the two pieces in the whole exhibition that I would have bought already had red dots on them. That's the second time in a row that's happened... which is fairly annoying.

And if they hadn't have been gorgeous "toy soldier" pieces I might have just shrugged it off.

However Josh just pointed me in the direction of the artist in question who was on the other side of the room and I've now commissioned him to do me one of my own, but holding a drum.

Speaking of art... I keep plugging away at my tattoo idea. I actually spoke to Josh about getting contact details for Benzo since I want him to design part of it. I'm still not completely sure how I want to pull the whole thing together, I think I need to gather the particular pieces of art together and then sit down with a tattoo artists to discuss how to bring it all together.

Owlgirl (at work) and I keep revving each other up about respective tattoos... she got her first tiny tattoo late last year and really got a taste for it... and I've always said that I wouldn't get another one until I was completely sure about what I wanted.

Although since Owlgirl's boyfriend got a massive piece on his arm, she and I really keep talking about tattoos... and doubly so about the artist who did her boyfriend's piece because he really does amazing work.

Today was also an annular eclipse, which I didn't even realise, but one of my workmates who I'd had a long conversation with about going to the observatory in Sydney (she's a total science geek) came barrelling in this morning chattering about it, complete with a pair of "eclipse glasses" which are essentially the old cardboard 3D glasses but with really dark plastic in them. And all you can see through them is the sun... so I saw the tail end of the eclipse, which was pretty cool.

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