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One of the things I hate most on a Saturday morning is waking up and being convinced that it's a week day.

I suppose waking up on a weekday thinking it's the weekend is worse, at least if it's actually the weekend you have that moment of relief.

Which is pretty much what happened this morning... and then I went back to bed for another half an hour.

Eventually I got up and had a brief moment of "where the fuck is that and how the hell did I manage to lose it in this tiny apartment" about the cross-stitch supplies I bought ages ago to make a Breakfast Club piece. I still don't know where they are, although I'll look again later.

Then once Ma arrived we headed off to the supermarket.

It was only when I got there that I remembered about Supermarket Guy... I'm pretty sure he was there, but I didn't go out of my way to give him the opportunity to say hello, so nothing really came of that. I'm not especially bothered to be honest... let's just say that he's not really my type.

Anyway, shopping was fairly average... as was unpacking said shopping.

We didn't really have a plan, but Ma wanted to look at a couple of things in the city, so we headed in to do that. The majority of our time was spent in Harris Scarfe looking for a new quilt and quilt cover for Ma... although I did find a Lego lunchbox for about 40% off, so I snapped that one up.

Then we stopped off for second breakfast (or possibly lunch) at Colin & Co and that was pretty much it for the city.

When we got back to my place we checked out the couple of possible hotel options for Melbourne and ended up booking one in Chinatown that looks like it'll be pretty decent.

And that was that.

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