two years of instagram

Two years ago today I was reading Mashable and found an article about a new start-up called Instagram.

In fact, it was so new that they didn't even include the name in the article title.

It sounded interesting, so I downloaded it right away and then when I went to lunch I started fiddling around with it and decided to photograph part of my very unhealthy lunch.

my first instagram photo - 15 october 2010

I think it also kind of cemented my love for the Lo-fi filter pretty early on.

Since then I've posted over 850 photos, received more than 5000 likes (thanks everyone) and over 700 comments.

Instagram has become my default photo sharing method for Twitter... I've written blog posts on my tips for Instagramming... and thanks to the combination of my iPhone 4S and the Photo-A-Day phenomenon I pretty much post something every day.

And eight of my top ten most liked photos all contain Lego. I'm not entirely sure what that says about me or my photos or my followers... but there you go.

But it's the first time that I've ever really been able to class myself as an "early adopter" and it worked out pretty damn well.

Thanks Instagram for two years of awesome (although I could do with some new/better filters since I really only use four with any regularity... although Lo-fi does make up half of all my filter uses).

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