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memory flowerperpendicular

white spikesscratched tiles

You know that I'd seriously had enough of today/this week given that I had tequilla (mixed with Nippy's Lemon) with my dinner.

This week has been equal parts of interesting and problematic...

Let's see... this week I've...
  • On Monday I returned the Avatar: The Last Airbender DVD I bought and bought the whole season box set instead (saving me at least $20)

  • Attended a meeting with a guy from Google Australia (seriously)

  • Bought new headphones (they're Sony and pretty decent)

  • Ran out of milk for breakfast this morning (irritating, especially since I went to the supermarket last night)

  • Attended/listened to two different webinars (one good, one rubbish)

  • Finally wore my Burger Theory hat for our Hat Day morning tea (we've had two of those this week)

  • I ate so much at today's morning tea that I didn't eat lunch (but then I had a Post Sugar Crash this afternoon)

  • Had the new Burger Theory Art Burger and bought the art print (the burger needs more sauce, the art print is my least favourite so far)

  • The weather this week has possibly been the weirdest "Week After Daylight Savings"... it's essentially been June weather in October

  • It's felt like every time I've tried to get anything done this week I've either had a meeting or a phonecall from someone (asking stranger/stupider than normal questions)
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