retail therapy saturday

i need retail therapy
There are some days where you just feel the need for some serious retail therapy.

And fortunately there are also some days when the world just comes together in ways that lets you do just that.

This morning was just your normal weekly shopping routine... housework, shower, shopping, unpacking...

Then we headed into the city with the aim of perhaps looking in some different places from usual... which I'll admit, didn't completely work out, but parking on Rundle Road and then wandering down Vardon Avenue and Ebenezer Place did take us past Midwest Trader.

I knew from an earlier visit that Midwest Trader stocks the Macbeth brand of shoes. I will admit that the majority of my interest in the shoes comes from the name... I didn't even know such a brand existed until I started doing some research into Macbeth (the play)...

macbeth shoes - eliot
But I kind of wanted another pair of shoes and Macbeth shoes come in bright red... plus they'd been discounted yesterday but the girl in the store said that she could do the discount for me today as well (I think she'd literally just opened the doors).

So I'm now the owner of a pair red, Vegan (they're 100% animal product free), Macbeth shoes.


After that we pretty much stuck to the Mall and the associated arcades, but we probably went down a few we don't normally do, and poked around a few bookstores where I found a couple of seahorse things for Ma for Christmas, as well as another copy of The Velveteen Rabbit that I'm planning to give to one of the women at work before she goes off to have her baby.

We did a bunch more wandering, although nothing terribly exciting... but it was good to do some proper retail therapy...

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