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The beginning of October seems like it was a long, long, long time ago now. I'm not entirely sure why... it's been the regular amount of days, it just seems longer somehow.

It's been a bit of an odd month, but fortunately I haven't really had any major instances of photo-inspiration block. The main problem was Day 5, given that it was completely overcast all day, so I couldn't get a shadow until the following morning.

There are only two Lego shots this month (Days 9 and 10), although Day 10 was a surprise hit... and is now equally tied for my "most liked" photo... clearly my Instagram followers like it when I do things with Lego minifigure heads.

  • Day 1: Where I stood (while doing a Lego minifigure photoshoot)
  • Day 2: Lunchtime (I went somewhere different for lunch, Zambrero on Rundle Street)
  • Day 3: This happened today (this was supposed to be a shot of the conference I attended in the morning, but the photos weren't very good, so instead it's my Veggie Velo lunch)
  • Day 4: What I read (I don't read things that aren't on a screen all that much anymore, so reading the artists, titles and prices at the These Walls Don't Lie art show was about it)
  • Day 5: Shadow (my big stupid head on my front door)
  • Day 6: I’m thankful for (TV shows with great writers)
  • Day 7: Light
  • Day 8: Angle (one of the many angles of The Festival Theatre)
  • Day 9: Red
  • Day 10: Emotion
  • Day 11: Something close-up (my new headphones)
  • Day 12: On the table (for Hat Day supporting mental health research)
  • Day 13: Landscape (I'm a city boy, so the parklands are about as landscapy as I get)
  • Day 14: Makes me laugh (the people I work with... this started out as a drawing I did on the board at work because I was the only one who didn't have leave listed... one workmate decided I needed to be a Pokemon trainer, then another decided to turn me into Hamburglar, then a third decided that Hamburglar's hat looked Jewish and turned me into Herchel the Jewish Pokemon Trainer)
  • Day 15: Dinnertime
  • Day 16: Something I wrote (me being very literal)
  • Day 17: Fruit
  • Day 18: Made me smile today (the Unboxed exhibition at Espionage Gallery)
  • Day 19: Letters
  • Day 20: 4 o’clock (afternoon snack)
  • Day 21: Calm
  • Day 22: In my town (one of the bronze pigs of Rundle Mall)
  • Day 23: The view from here
  • Day 24: Weather
  • Day 25: People
  • Day 26: Listening to (the Moby Dick podcast)
  • Day 27: Morning (going shopping)
  • Day 28: Looking back (this vase is the first and only time a guy has bought me roses... and I collected those shells within the day before he went back to the US)
  • Day 29: Moon (getting the real moon was too damn difficult)
  • Day 30: Clothes
  • Day 31: Whatever I please

And we now enter the home stretch... next up is November...

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