meandering shopping saturday

little round headed kid goes shopping
Today can best be summed up by the words disappointment, American candy and walking.

It all started out the same as usual... tidying, shopping and suchlike. Although there was a new overly perky girl working at Bakers Delight to kind of needs to take it down from 11 to 9.5 given that it's 8:30 in the morning, but it otherwise an improvement on previous staff.

We also wandered around Target and I bought what should have been $55 worth of stuff, but only paid $38 thanks to one of Target's "secret 25% off everything" sales.

After we were done with the main part of shopping we wandered around to Cheap As Chips because I wanted to look at some of their Halloween stuff (not that I do Halloween, but they had a cool pumpkin light thing).

I talked Ma into picking up a little Halloween top hat fascinator (hatinator?) for Melbourne Cup Day... it was very cute and had a little veil that worked with her short hair.

I also bought a bunch of American chocolate... Reeses and Milk Duds and Whatchamacallit and Whoppers and stuff...

Then after we came back and unpacked everything (much later than usual) we headed out to the Showgrounds for the October Gift and Craft Fair.

As I said to Ma when we first got there, the whole thing smelled of découpage and depression. That's not completely true... but there was a lot of really, really average stuff, and some really cheesy looking stuff.

We did manage to pick up our usual Pudding Lane Christmas puddings and some Broughton River Gourmet sauces/jams. Other than that there really wasn't anything even remotely interesting. It wasn't the Bowerbird Bazaar, that's for sure.

After that we headed into the city briefly... not really for anything specific... but it killed a little time. And we had some lunch in David Jones' Food Hall (a very nice BLT slider and a milkshake).

Then after we dickered around at my place, checked out the photos on the Sculpture By The Sea website (and there really are some nice pieces this year... some baffling ones, same as always, but a number of really good ones).

So while there was perhaps a bit too much aimless wandering and disappointing craft items for my liking, it wasn't a bad day all up.

But I did send Ma home with strict instructions that she needs to prep her Christmas list before next weekend.

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