slightly unfocused saturday shopping

that weird time when both halloween and christmas stuff is in the shops
Last week I sent Ma home with strict instructions to make sure she pulled together her Christmas list.

I didn't really expect her to do it, so I wasn't overly surprised given that while she did make a list of what she already had for people, she still didn't have a clear idea of what she wanted to get people.

Which then led to a lot of generalised looking in parts of stores we wouldn't normally look in.

But that's generally getting ahead of myself...

This morning was about the same as every other Saturday morning, except for the fact that I found a little tiny lizard clinging to the tree outside. So very cute, although I couldn't take a photo of it that wasn't blurry to save my life.

The shopping portion of the morning was pretty much the same as usual too... I don't think I bought as many groceries as usual, but somehow it came out to more than it usually does... weird (and I don't think I bought that many "luxuries").

After we came back here, I fiddled about with Ma's iTunes account so that it didn't remove podcasts after she'd listened to them, and let her have a look through some of the Instagram photos from Sculpture By The Sea.

Last week Ma also mentioned something about wanting to get a new TV, so I suggested that we go and buy her one. I knew it wouldn't happen, she'd have to have a look at things first, but it at least has gotten her thinking about it seriously. And we did go down to The Good Guys and poke around their TV section for a while.

Now all Ma needs to work out is how much money she wants to spend and how big a TV she wants.

Then it was into the city again and the aforementioned wandering around parts of stores we normally don't. And not really finding anything.

I did pick up another couple of polo shirts and a new belt (my old one died on Thursday), but that was about the sum total of it really.

Now that I think about it though, I think I need to make my own list of what I've already bought Ma... I did start one, but I don't think I've kept it up.

And I'm also going to need to start planning out what goes in Ma's calendar this year since we didn't have a major trip this time around. It might need to be a local calendar this time around... a mix of old and new images... or I could always go back to all of the travel images that didn't make the grade in previous years and use those.

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