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This week I thing I managed to untwist my brain a full 360°...

I was feeling all under-appreciated and overlooked and had managed to twist my brain up into all kinds of knots, but then I had a little bit of a brain explosion which made me take myself out of work and go for a big long walk.

And it was good... I think giving myself the opportunity to chew over the problem solidly for about twenty minutes actually did me a world of good.

It might have also had something to do with the fact that for the first half of the week I was kind of caught up with everything I'd been doing... but then after my untwisting, something that we've been working on and waiting for for about a year and a half finally completely randomly got approved this week.

So it's been a little bit of general panic stations and a lot of running around and much muttering.

I mentioned last week that I'd started listening to the Moby Dick audio book/podcast... and I'm about 12 chapters in and I'm loving it. The language is so rich and meaty, and the concept of having a different person read each chapter actually works really, really well.

I was a little annoyed yesterday when I got home just before 5pm to discover a "there's a parcel at the Post Office for you" note in my letterbox... especially as I'd just been past there on my way home from the shops, and the fact that I was staying a little later at work this evening for a meeting followed by a later chiro appointment... so I wouldn't have been able to go to the Post Office until Monday.

Clearly, that wasn't going to do, especially since I wasn't sure which parcel it was waiting for me, so at lunchtime I hopped on a bus, grabbed my parcel from the Post Office (turned out it was my calendar), discovered the final pieces of Little Traveller 2.0 had arrived in my mailbox, then turned around and went back to work.

It took me pretty much my whole lunch break just to get from town to home and back, but I ended up getting back about 15 minutes late because I had to get some food... but since I was staying back it all balanced out.

There's a new food truck doing the rounds... Chimichurri Grill had it's first CBD outing today, so I had to try it out. Turns out that an Argentinian steak sandwich is damn tasty.

Also, have I mentioned how much I'm enjoying the British documentary, My Transsexual Summer? It's very good, it's definitely interesting seeing how the "other half" live... and I'm kind of crushing on a couple of the FTM transsexual (and one of the MTF's too).

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