building little traveller 2.0

I've been planning on doing an upgrade to Little Traveller (my Lego avatar/homunculus/alter ego) for a while... and after playing around with some possible combinations from the 128 minifigures in my collection I found one that I liked. Then it was just a matter of sourcing the parts... which was actually more painless than I thought it might have been.

And then all that was left was photographing the transformation.

I was testing out a black background for these shots, because it did make the colours more vibrant, but I also think some of the white pieces ended up a little too blown out. Interesting though.

Little Traveller 1.0

"Hey guys... can I get a hand over here for a second!"

"Seriously, this won't hurt a bit..."

"See, told you so... now let's see what we can make..."

"Step 1: Build a cute, musical, arm-showing, punk-rock boyfriend."

"Hello there!"

"Right LT, take a seat, it's time for a makeover!"

"Definitely the spiky brown hair!"

"This top one is good, happy but slightly quizzical and a tiny bit sarcastic."

"Just slide that old one right off and we'll pop the new one on."

"You're looking better already LT... now for some new clothes."

"It's gotta be the dark blue jeans!"

"Yes... this is definitely it."

"I think I'm going to keep my old top, after all, I am a Little TRAVELLER."

"For you LT... Happy Makeover Day!"

My new Lego boys... Little Traveller 2.0 and Little Boyfriend 2.0

And one more, just for giggles...

I attached all of the minifigs to a 5x2 block last night, and had to arrange them like this so that they would all fix...

Nothing suss... honestly!

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Victor said...

Very clever. Did it take you a long time to set each scene?

yani said...

Basically as long as it took to put the next one together... so pretty much just a minute or two.


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