another looking at things saturday

Today was very much a Looking At Things kind of Saturday.

The supermarket portion was also significantly briefer than usual due to the fact that I was shopping on my own (Ma was off getting her hair did).

I think I actually spent less than half an hour shopping, but I wasn't really timing it.

And I was served by the same woman as last time... note to self: avoid her like the plague in future, she's a chucker... and I don't need my fruit and veg chucked into my bag thank you very much... clearly she hates her job.

Anyway, I even made it home in time to catch the beginning of Good Game Spawn Point which never normally happens.

Ma wasn't that far behind me though, and she made it to my place about 20 minutes later.

That meant that we were actually in the city really, really early... before 10am... which was weird, because a bunch of the shops weren't even open...

As I mentioned, there were a number of "looking at things" errands I wanted to run, starting with letting Ma have a look at the Christmas Pageant Trail along North Terrace (nostalgia and all that).

Then we headed into the Museum to check out the ANZANG Nature Photography exhibition.

anzang nature photography at sa museum
I know that these things are subjective, but I hardly ever agree with the choices that the judges make for the winner of each category... although very often the runner-up is one that I really like.

This year, my very favourite shot of the whole exhibition was the one at the top left, Honeybees grooming by Alex Ford, which was part of the "Junior" section.

I have a thing about photographing bees anyway, but I really loved Alex's photo.

We wandered around the exhibition for a while, then wandered back down the mall (followed by a detour back up the mall when I realised I wanted to look for the third season of Avatar: The Last Airbender on DVD).

Next up was a trip over to Unley Road so Ma could check out the stuff in the "Take Away Sale" show at These Walls Don't Lie. Turned out there was nothing that struck her fancy... but at least she's seen the gallery now, since last time we rocked up we were too early and it wasn't open.

We'd originally planned on grabbing something to eat on King William Road somewhere... or one of those roads anyway... but I remembered that Dan Withey, the artist I bought (that sounds wrong, but you know what I mean) at TWDL, was having an exhibition at Tin Cat Cafe... so we figured that we could kill two birds with one stone and get something to eat there.

Now, I know that Tin Cat has always been a little bit "hoity toity" but I figured that the lunch menu couldn't be all that bad. Turned out I was incredibly wrong. Not only wasn't there anything that even sounded like something I'd want to put in my mouth, or understand what it was so that I could also refuse to eat it... but it totally wasn't "lunch" appropriate food.

Disappointing. Especially as I had a birthday dinner there one year with Sheba and Raury and the crew a number of years ago, and it was decent.

Ma did find something that sounded bizarre that she ordered from the starter menu (I stuck with hot chocolate), and what she got essentially looked like it was what left over after they'd finished preparing a bunch of other dishes. Thankfully it came with bread, and I did try almost everything except for something with pork that made my skin crawl.

Maybe if we'd gotten there in time to order from their breakfast menu it might have been less of a disaster... but yeah, I'm so never eating there again.

And that, as they say, was that... we came back here and I sent Ma on her way with a bunch of movies from my collection.

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