photo friday: sculptural shapes

cliff face bluessilver shape
As I was walking down the hill by Government House this afternoon after work, I noticed a woman walking in front of me.

She had the quintessential "business" look... fitted black skirt, black blouse, high heels, carrying a briefcase.

I wasn't really paying that much attention to her when suddenly she enthusiastically kicked off one of her shoes. And when I say she was enthusiastic, the shoe went at least six feet in the air, and at least six feet from her.

A few seconds later the other one followed, and that one was even more enthusiastically discarded.

She then stepped off the path onto the grass and collected her shoes.

It made me smile so much that I couldn't help but say something.

"That's the best thing I've seen all week," I said as I took my headphones off. She laughed just as enthusiastically as she kicked off her shoes. "It perfectly sums up Friday afternoon," I finished, and she laughed again.

I hope that I made her feel as happy as she made me.

rainbow seedcover group
Even though it was my decision not to go to Sydney for the Sculpture By The Sea exhibition this year, I keep catching bits of the news reports on ABC24 in the foyer at work and I'm having a severe case of Sydney Envy.

And doubly so because all the footage I've seen of the sculptures is bright and sunny... unlike last year when we got rained on the whole time we were there.

Plus there are a couple of really awesome, really photogenic sculptures that I really would love to shoot.

Oh well... I just need to keep reminding myself that Outpost next April will be awesome.

pirate bottlepaintsplosion
Speaking of sculpture...

I went to see the Unboxed exhibition at Espionage last night... which was all Munny vinyl toys that had been customised by various artists.

There were a few nice pieces... Gary Seaman as usual... as well as Luka Va and Caitlin Millard, both of whose pieces I bought (I think Millard's might be part of Ma's Christmas present).

But either I'm really fussy about vinyl toy modifications, or I've seen a lot of really, really good ones, but for the most part, these ones didn't inspire me greatly.

And ones by artists whose work I know pretty well didn't come up to the level of what I thought they could achieve.

Having said that, I've never customised a vinyl toy, so I have no idea how easy or hard it is... I just tend to prefer it when they "respect the form of the vinyl"... and there were a lot of pieces that built on (or hacked it apart) with varying degrees of success.

cliff top poochrusted door
And in briefer news...

I'm working on putting together Little Traveller 2.0... I just need to collect all the parts (from various minifigs) and then Frankenstein him. I think he may also get a new Little Partner 2.0 to go with him.

So once I manage that there will be a photoshoot.

This morning on the way to work I listened to the first chapter of Moby Dick from the Moby Dick Big Read project... as read by Tilda Swinton, which was awesome. But I also discovered a passage in their that perfectly sums up how I feel a lot of the time...
" requires a strong moral principle to prevent me from deliberately stepping into the street, and methodically knocking people's hats off..."
I like that.

And lastly... twelve years ago next Wednesday I created a Neopets account... then promptly forgot about it for about a year, then came back to it and played it up until 2010 when I drifted away from the site.

Yesterday I started thinking about it again for some reason, and realised that I still had two pets attached to my account... just sitting there. So I figured it was time to give them away to good homes.

Turns out I also had several hundred items in my account, as well as four million Neopoints in my bank account. So I spent some time giving away all my items... and when that was done, I started using my cash to buy items from people's shops and then gave said items away.

I'd already dropped one of my pets off at the pound (the one I wasn't really bothered about), but couldn't drop the other one off until tomorrow...

But then a guy sent me a message on the site to ask if I had any other items I was giving away, which I didn't... but I was feeling generous so I bought some expensive items and sent them to him... we got to talking and I asked him if he wanted the pet I'd had since the beginning. It was levelled up fairly well, painted, the whole bit.

I think I pretty much made his day (he's only been playing for ten months)... and I feel better about giving away my favourite pet. At least I got to choose who I sent it to instead of letting some stranger grab it out of the pound. I mean he's still a stranger, but he seems like a nice stranger.

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