photo friday: topham soldier crew

toy soldier crew - topham mall - benzo

The Toy Soldier Crew have invaded Topham Wall!

And these pictures explain exactly why I love their work so much.

It's a unified visual style, even though each piece is its own unique artwork, they've used a limited pallet, and all but one (okay, maybe two if you count the bat they left visible from the previous artwork) have a "space" theme. So it all ties in together.

You can see it more when viewing the whole piece in it's entirety but I think it comes across in the photos too.

I'm also loving this particular evolution of Benzo's work... it's somewhere between the "fire dancer" behind Light Square and the aquanaut from Glenelg... although I get a strong cyclist vibe from the piece. It is beautiful though, especially with the Kirbyesque use of coloured dots to give it almost a sparkling effect.

Looking at the photos again though, it almost looks a little unfinished. The top of the helmet is very undefined and it doesn't have the same orange "back-lighting" as the rest.

I'm not sure exactly who is responsible for the other pieces... the monkey might be Fredrock, and the girl might be Store, but I'll have to "check with my sources".

toy soldier crew - topham mall - trooper

Yesterday, to paraphrase from Winnie-The-Pooh, was A Very Busy Day. Or, more accurately, A Very Busy Afternoon/Evening/Night.

It started with a Burger Theory lunch (always good), but with three trucks (four if you count the Jonny's Popcorn van parked around the corner) in Hindmarsh Square the place was stacked with people and service took a little while.

Then I had a meeting with H-San and the girly from my agency about some OHSW stuff, which was time consuming, but mostly painless (plus she brought good cupcakes from BTS).

I then did my usual walk home, made sure my car was still working (I hadn't used it in a couple of weeks, and after the last time it conked out on me I've been a little gun-shy as they say), got changed and headed out to These Walls Don't Lie Gallery for their "Take Away Sale" show... which was pretty much just a collection of pieces that hadn't sold in either their shows or shows in other galleries but had been marked down.

I picked up a piece by Dan Withey that was part of TWDL's 80's show, a black and white rendition of Beetle Juice. Very cool.

I also ran into an artist I used to know through Raury but haven't seen in years and years and years, so that was cool.

Then it was back to the car (that's the one thing I hate about TWDL... both times I've been I end up parking in the parklands and then walking up Unley Road to the gallery), a quick stop for the quickest and easiest dinner I could think of (a pie from the 24 hour bakery... which was better than the original idea of going for greasy fried things from the Red and White Café) then home to eat, then take a shower and head off to see Tink for Haircut Day!

It was a pretty standard Haircut Day... I didn't really pay much attention to what she was doing to my hair, we chatted about this, that and the other, compared photos on our iPhones (me of artwork purchased, her of Tink Jr's birthday cake), then chatted some more.

And then new hair (if not shockingly different from the last several haircuts).

toy soldier crew - topham mall - marker

Speaking of slightly unfinished... this guy really should have two pupils... right?

It's weird when someone you had a massive screaming match with in the office less than a fortnight buys you a "Gorgeous Gruesome Zombies" sewing kit because "they just had to".

toy soldier crew - topham mall - apestronaut

I'm getting to that point when the hoarder in me is warring with the homemaker... in a perfect world I'd move somewhere else, but I keep having the thought that I should go through every single thing that I own and be ruthless about throwing away anything and everything that I have no need or use or attachment to. What I don't have currently is the time or the energy to do that. But it keeps praying on my mind.

toy soldier crew - topham mall - spraycan diva

I should also remember to pay more attention to the (nice) voices in my head... I walked past a photo opportunity this morning and thought "nah, that'll be fine, there will be plenty of other opportunities today"... and given that today's Photo A Day word is "shadow" and the rest of the day has been incredibly overcast... not so much.

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