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I'm currently in two minds about Christmas... half of me is excited about all the preparations and presents and whatnot... the other half is completely bah humbug and wondering why we bother since it's only one day.

Fortunately I was mostly the former during today's shopping... because it was all very Christmasy.

That portion of the day was helped by the fact that Ma had actual thoughts about what she wanted to buy people.

The morning portion of the day was pretty much status quo... housework, shopping, unpacking... which included a brief present related Red Circle visit.

Then there was more fiddling around with iPhones while it was pouring with rain... more specifically finding and creating wallpaper for Ma, and loading some of the ringtones I made last week. I think she's pretty set now. There's probably more music I should load on her iPhone for her, but that can wait a bit.

Once the weather had improved we headed down to the Goodwood Alive 2011 Christmas Festival... I'm not sure that it lived up to the hype that "the streets of Goodwood will come alive"...a dozen or so stalls in the library carpark doesn't really constitute "streets" or "alive"... but the nice lady from Olives2Oil was there, so I was able to get my fix of really good olive oil from her. And the guy from Pudding Lane was there too, so that's our Christmas pudding needs sorted.

There wasn't really very much else though... and it definitely wasn't as good as it was back when we first started going. And don't even get me started about incompetent people running sausage sizzles...

Anyway, because the market was a little m'eh, we didn't stay very long and then went into the city to do the Christmas shopping thing.

It's good when the next generation takes after you, and I think Miss Oh Livia is much more like Ma and me... or at least she likes some of the same things we do... even if her taste is occasionally questionable. So while I wasn't going to let Ma buy her a Twilame book, we settled on Vampire Diaries... not much better, but it's not Twilame. I really wanted to also get her one of the Buffy omnibuses... if only to teach her that vampires are bloodsucking undead demon fiends and not to be trusted, let alone romanced. Unless they happen to be David Boreanaz.

Unfortunately I couldn't find any in any of the places we looked... and I'm not sure whether they're a great idea for someone who isn't a fan of the show.

Instead I settled on The Hunger Games. Not sure if she'll like it, but it's supposed to be good, and if she doesn't like it, I'll take it off her hands... hehe.

We also got her a bunch of craft things since she's into that at the moment.

I also picked up a new limited edition Harajuku Lovers perfume (Super G) for Ma... even though I'd totally forgotten about the collection of little bottles I bought all the way back in March. Oh well... maybe the new one can go away for her birthday next year... although I kinda doubt I'll end up doing that.

Fortunately we finished off what Ma needs for a few people, and a lot of the others are just general junk she can pick up at any time.

So it's not even December yet and we're almost done with the shopping.

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