light square precinct wandering

benzo's green trooper plastic knight
forgotten outlaw - gray street window faces
camping monster gold face
I went on a little excursion today...

It was part last minute planning, part accident. The last minute plan was a decision to go to the "Gay Garage Sale and Art Show" at the Feast Festival Hub... and since I was going to be nearby, I took my camera so that I could snap some photos of street art I saw the other day.

The accident part came in when I tried to park the car, ended up heading down Waymouth Street... which I tend to do for some reason... and discovered that one of the spots that had previously been cleared of street art had a couple of great, huge new pieces on it (partly the golden face, partly the Benzo soldier... but it was way bigger than just those two parts).

That led to a little wandering around (not a ton, I was wearing thongs), checking out some old spots, and finding a few bits and pieces.

I'm not going to dignify the garage sale/art show with much commentary... it's enough to say that it was pitiful... and that "nuns" shouldn't be put in charge of a sausage sizzle (also, what the fuck is with trying to sell salad and fruit salad with a sausage sizzle... it's a sausage, in bread, potentially with onion... don't give me salad and don't put it on a plate, just give me bread and meat).

But fortunately the street art saved the day...

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