unconscious mutterings 457 + 458

The first day back at work is always the worst... although today really just proved that it's pretty much a case of "same shit, different day". And while it felt weird to be back at work, it was distressingly familiar distressingly quickly.

And you know those times when you do a dumb thing, knowing it's a dumb thing based on all your past experience, but do it anyway... yeah, I may have just done one of those. Or it would be great, who knows.

Unconscious Mutterings... a double edition, since I missed out on last Monday...

Last week...
  1. Class :: School
  2. Shopping :: Fun
  3. Bitchy :: Queen
  4. Consulting :: Firm
  5. Texts :: Phone
  6. Sigh :: Big
  7. Office :: Same shit, different day
  8. Develop :: Strategy
  9. Boardwalk :: Under the
  10. Prime :: Suspect

This week...
  1. Distress :: Beacon
  2. White lie :: Harmless
  3. Costume :: Superhero
  4. Stampede :: Elephant
  5. Unappealing :: Going to work this morning
  6. Idiot :: Surrounded by
  7. Correction :: Make changes
  8. Resignation :: I'd need to win the lottery first
  9. Insipid :: People often are
  10. Celebration :: Christmas
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