photo friday: taronga birds

black cockatoo barn owl
golden eyes black plumes
For reasons I don't really understand (other than the fact that Sugarmonkey hasn't seen me for like five weeks... and anything I'm passionate about seems to be grist for the mill), the Taronga Bird Show has featured very highly in my week. So it seemed apt to feature the stars of the show today.

This week has been... interesting.

But the first week back after a holiday is always weird. This has the added bonus of there being a lot of strangeness generally going around work given all the changes that are going on, or due to go on or have the potential to be going on.

Added to that however was the news that my contract has been extended for six months, so that takes me through to the middle of next year. Which I'm honestly having some conflicted feelings about... a little like the end of last year. On the one hand there's the money and mostly enjoying the people I work with (more so now than this time last year to be honest) and the work has the potential to change for the better in a meaningful way. On the flip side, the work has the potential to change in such a way that will mean huge effort and workloads on our part with no discernible change to the culture of the organisation.

Which basically means that I'm conflicted.

On the more positive front, I have hot water again. Actually, even more than just having hot water, I have a brand new, pilotless hot water heater. Which means I have better water pressure, hotter water and theoretically never again have to worry about the water heater going out. I could have kissed my plumber! Well other than the fact I'm pretty sure he's as ugly as sin, and I wasn't actually here when he installed the new system.

Also on the down side, it turns out that my Aquabumps print has been delayed due to the fact there was a mark on the print. But at least they caught it before it was sent out.

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