photo friday: feast flag

feast festival rainbow flag at the town hallThere are occasions when I'm proud of my city... and the decision by both Adelaide City Council and Marion City Council to fly the rainbow/gay pride flag during Feast this year is definitely one of them. This shot is the flag flying on the Adelaide Town Hall.

Other than that, it's been something of a questionable week. And this is very likely to turn into a random stream of randomness since it's quite late and my brain is kinda all over the shop.

Somebody let off a firework right in front of my apartment block this evening... there was this flash and then a "wheeeeeee" noise, and then a terrifying BOOM. Thankfully it was just one, otherwise I would have had to go outside and enquire what the fuck the culprit thought they were doing.

It's also been one of those weeks where portions of my body seem compelled to fall apart completely. Seriously, I've done enough miles in this one, and it's essentially a clapped out wreck... can I upgrade to a newer model?

Also, my desire to hump random strangers continues unabated... which is slightly misleading, because I'm generally all about humping random strangers... but there are periods of time when I'm really not bothered about having sex (alone or with anyone else) and other times when I would happily grope passers-by in the street. But thankfully it comes and goes throughout the day or else I'd be impossible to deal with.

Usually on hookup sites, the older gentleman offers cash to have sex with the young and pretty twink... but today I had a young dude offer himself to me for cash... tempting, but I'm not big on paying for it as a general rule.

I'm pretty sure that I've "shot my bolt" as it were with Archer... the only thing I don't understand is why he would go out of his way to give me his phone number if he had no intention of hooking up again. Or he did, but something I did or said spooked him. Which is unfortunate, because I really have no idea how else to be when it comes to guys... I'm usually direct and don't play a lot of games and expect other people to be like that too, even though I know they're not for the most part. And it's not like I've never fibbed or told a guy one thing when I meant another... but I try not to drag it out and prefer to let the guy know when I'm not interested.

And tangentially related to all of that, I've been staying up later than usual of late, which isn't so great given how early I have to get up in the morning... which in turn led to me oversleeping a couple of times... which I'm sure contributes to me feeling crappier than usual.

So what does one do when in that kinda mood... well, giving eBay a bit of a thrashing looking for Dunny figures. This time last year it was toy soldiers, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of them on eBay this year...

Speaking of parcels in the mail, I appear to have gotten all the issues with the Aquabumps print sorted after they gave the delivery company the wrong address. Now I just need to wait until Monday for them to attempt to deliver it to see how easy it's going to be to either get them to deliver it to work or else redeliver it towards the end of the day so that I'm here to sign for it.

And although the wind has picked up and the temperature is well on it's way to cooling down, the last couple of days have been uncomfortably warm... I know I say this every year, but I really do loathe the summer heat... Even more so before it's officially Summer.

Dammit... and I've stayed up later than I intended to... again.

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