unconscious mutterings 459

Okay... so that's that thing done... I kinda know how it's gunna end, but you never know.

Oh... well, that was... quicker than I expected to get a response. But it's still not a done deal til the proverbial fat lady sings... or possibly squeals.

Anyway, enough of being cryptic.

Unconscious Mutterings...
  1. Help :: I really need some sometimes
  2. Close :: Minded
  3. Start over :: I often wish I could
  4. Dirt :: Digging
  5. Kilometer :: Metric system
  6. Speedy :: Gonzales
  7. Shop :: Christmas
  8. Trumpet :: Foreskin (it's a Priscilla reference)
  9. Dog :: Brown
  10. Canoe :: Barbwire
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