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Let's see... I spent a big chuck of last night working on Ma's 2012 calendar... I hadn't intended to, but once I started I just got sucked into it. Then I started working on the one I was planning for La Cousina... and before I knew it it was 1:30am... and once I'd finished tidying up and getting ready for the week it was 2am.

And I got up at 5:30am... so three and a half hours sleep. Not ideal.

Currently I have eight parcels on the way to me (hopefully it'll be nine in the next day or so). From all over the world too... the USA, England, Hong Kong, Spain... not to mention right here in Australia. Speaking of which, I thankfully avoided any drama about getting my Aquabumps package rerouted to work... so that'll be there tomorrow.

And I got a call today that my iPhone 4S had come in and was ready to pick up. I could have picked it up at lunch, but I needed to back it up, update iTunes and my iOS and remove the porn before I get the new one. So that'll be my lunch time excursion for tomorrow.

Turns out that updating everything took about two hours once all the apps and music and whatnot reinstalled itself. And it was more than a little bit freaky watching the apps magically reappear on the phone one at a time.

Unconscious Mutterings...

  1. Crushed :: Nuts
  2. Thanks :: No worries
  3. Steam :: Engine
  4. Bulletin :: Board
  5. Budget :: Money
  6. Value :: Good
  7. Aquarium :: Tank
  8. Logo :: Updating
  9. Information :: Kiosk
  10. Lend :: Borrow
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