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A decidedly NSFW (no actual frontal or backal nudity, but it's close) Random Hotness this week thanks to the lovely (mostly "straight", mostly naked) boys of Corbin Fisher.

Partly because having "the best sex ever" last week woke up the base, lizard part of my brain (ie, the Id) which is now craving everything in these pictures, up and to including a new tattoo.

But this is more of a love letter to the person or persons who take the official photos for Corbin Fisher. I am absolutely in love with the style and beauty of pretty much all of the photos that come out of the Fisher studio.

Light, depth of field, poses... and that's all before you get to the men. They often feel more like "art" photos in the vein of people like Howard Roffman rather than normal porn studio photos.

So, Corbin Fisher Photographer... I salute you! Sometimes even with my hands...

the boys of corbin fisher the boys of corbin fisher

the boys of corbin fisher the boys of corbin fisher
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