unconscious mutterings 461

Parcels are starting to arrive... which is exciting. There was a parcel on the doorstep (not ideal), a "pick up at the post office" notice and a FedEx notice. Except the fucked up folks from FedEx charge the sender an additional $15 to redeliver a parcel to another address. That's so lame, TNT did it for nothing...

I also managed to find another of the limited edition Harajuku Lovers perfumes for Ma for Christmas... I say "managed to find", I went to David Jones and there they were. So cute though.

Unconscious Mutterings...
  1. Program :: Computer
  2. Business :: College
  3. Nerve :: Working my last...
  4. Pipes :: Internet
  5. Man :: Naked
  6. System :: Computer
  7. Roses :: White
  8. Gong :: The Rank Organisation
  9. Heartfelt :: Apology
  10. Strolling :: Beach
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