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I thought this Saturday may have been slightly more interesting than the last few weeks... turns out I was mistaken...

It all started out routinely enough... and I grabbed the making for rocky road so I can do a trial run with a different kind of marshmallows... which fortunately coincides with a birthday morning tea at work, so I can take it along for that instead of eating it.

Our plan after shopping was to head down to the Port Festival at Port Adelaide... mostly to check out the Artists Market... we've been to a couple of them in the past and they're usually worthwhile.

They're also usually not on the street in Port Adelaide.

It was all surprisingly vanilla really... lots of paintings and photographs of variable quality, a lot of somewhat ugly jewellery and a number of things we've seen before.

I know that we were down there a couple of weeks ago, but Port Adelaide is really kinda depressing. What's not vacant feels unloved, and the bits that do have a sense of activity about it only makes the rest of it look worse. And comparing today with how it was a couple of weeks ago shows exactly how few people there normally are. While I know it's completely impractical, I feel like the council really needs to give all of the facades a makeover (not the heritage stuff, just everything else)... the whole place just looks and feels tired and sad.

Anyway, after we wandered around for a while we attempted to get some Yum Cha for lunch, but the restaurant was full to the brim, so we missed out.

Instead we headed down to The Mill Bakery and got some kangaroo pies and citrus tarts. The tarts really weren't as good as I remember them being... still decent, but not the same.

At least some of my photos were decent...

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