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Okay, so now I'm quietly excited about being in Sydney again...

The list of things in my Trip Case account for this trip is massive... flights, hotels, transport, events... whole world of stuff. But then we have a whole week in Sydney.

And last night I got my Netbook ready, loaded up some videos, finally got the proper version of Norton installed, made sure all the updates were updated... and I started packing... a little early maybe, but I like to be prepared.

After all, only two days to go...

Unconscious Mutterings...
  1. Inhibitions :: Lose
  2. Sprint :: Running
  3. You :: Me
  4. Shop :: Spend
  5. Priority :: High
  6. Testify :: Ooh Honey
  7. Guys :: Where? Gimme!
  8. Phone call :: Interruption
  9. Removed :: My brain... I can't come up with a damn thing for that...
  10. Produce :: The American version of fruit and veg
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Victor said...

Hopefully Sydney's weather will improve for you.


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