unconscious mutterings 454

Three things became apparent today:

Work is picking up, I shouldn't be allowed near eBay and people really do like my Rocky Road (H-San and Rockchick actually said it was better than both Darrell Lee and Haighs... not sure about the Haighs bit, but flattering anyway).

Also, I'm completely unable to make a "small batch" of Rocky Road... I tried that yesterday, took a big ass container of it into work for the morning tea and still have a big ass container of it in the fridge...

Unconscious Mutterings...
  1. Fever pitch :: Soccer
  2. Unwarranted :: Attention
  3. Breaking :: Through
  4. Stars :: On 45
  5. Thursday :: Thursday's child has far to go
  6. Tips :: Tool
  7. Recommend :: Movies
  8. Season :: Four
  9. Increased :: Heart rate
  10. Depressed :: Blue
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