adelaide's forgotten outlaws

adelaide's forgotten outlaws - william george austin adelaide's forgotten outlaws - william woodroffe
This isn't the first time I've featured Peter Drew's new street art project, Adelaide's Forgotten Outlaws recently... I just love the background to this one:
These ordinary criminals walked the streets of Adelaide 90 years ago. When I discovered their mug shots within the police files in the state records (GRG5/58/unit103) my interest quickly turned into a side project. It soon became the biggest street art project I've yet undertaken. I'll be releasing more once the paste's had time to dry.
And they got brought up during a birthday morning tea at work today... which led me to discover both the video below as well as a Google Map of their exact locations.

What I noticed for the first time today was that almost all of the pieces have had the surname pasted over... in fact the only one I've seen so far with the surname exposed is the one from Friday.

I'm guessing it's been done deliberately... but it seems weird when a list of the faces was published in the Sunday Mail on Sunday.

I'm just a little sad that a lot of them aren't going to last until we get back from Sydney... in fact a few of them are already gone.

It might just be the Underbelly: Razor effect, but I'm crushing on some of these 1920's outlaws too... which is just plain weird. I think it's just because they're all dressed up so nice.

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