photo friday: forgotten outlaws

peter drew's forgotten outlaws - helen maud coombsI'm loving Peter Drew's latest project, Adelaide's Forgotten Outlaws. He's taken mugshots from the South Australian State Records Department, and turned them into huge paste-ups.

And this 1920 mugshot, of Helen Maud Coombs (charged with Larceny and fined £10), has pride of place on the corner of King William Street and North Terrace, and it looks much more impressive, and startling when you first see it, than this photo would indicate.

It would be so awesome if they made these semi-permanent and slightly more weather-proof...

I'm a little bit all over the shop currently... this week has been occasionally traumatic, partly due to...
  • News headline: "Qantas forced to ground flights, Adelaide to be hit by strike"... I'm officially starting to freak out about this whole thing.
  • I'm currently working on about four hours sleep and don't even have a good reason why.
  • Work has been chaotic and very busy this week... so much so I haven't had a chance to do much else except work.
  • I haven't been laid since the beginning of September.
  • Annoyed with both my progress at the gym and also by the behaviour of my knee.
  • And then there's the neighbours...
I'm kinda hoping that my mood really all can be chalked up to the lack of sleep though and things will seem better after I get some decent shut eye.

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Janek said...

Hilariously, I saw that today and thought of you. Oh Adelaide.

Anonymous said...

We are from Melbourne and spent the past weekend in Adleiade. The Wall paintings are FANTASTIC. Had a difficult task of "Googling" the history behind the mug-shots....good work Adelaide!!!!


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