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surf angel surf schoolIt's two weeks tomorrow before we head off to Melbourne... and two weeks Friday before we set foot in Sydney.

I'm so not in that headspace yet... which is probably good for productivity... but I am counting the days (obviously).

However, seeing the follow quote doesn't bode well... "Friday October 28 also looks to be be a day to avoid travelling on, as this is the date of Qantas' annual general meeting"... Yep, that's the day we're flying from Melbourne to Sydney.

Seriously, this strike shit isn't making either Qantas in general or the TWU any friends. And it's fucking 3%... drop the executives salaries 3% and that should pay for it with some left over.

I had a really awful dream this morning, and woke up at a point where it took me a long while to convince myself I hadn't actually ever done what happened in the dream.

And I think it threw off my mood all day...

They were supposed to replace my computer at work with a new one (with two monitors... woohoo), but it's been delayed for a week because IT are going to take a week to check something it should rightly take about five second to check.

Incompetence just shits me...

Listening to the Penny Arcade Dungeons and Dragons podcasts is making me really, really, really want to find a gay/gay friendly D&D group to join. The likelihood of finding something like there in Adelaide is pretty slim though.

Actually I think I really want to play with the Penny Arcade group... it's so much fun to listen to.

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