pre-travel ups and downs

manchester unity shimmer splashIt has been a very up and down kind of day... some typical and atypical fuckupery...

I'm slightly calmer about the whole flying/strike thing... Mostly because it's really only the Adelaide to Melbourne leg that's really stressing me... Once we get there I'm fine (relatively speaking) with any delays on the Melbourne to Sydney leg.

Part of the calm comes from the fact that according to the Qantas website this morning, everything is running according to plan for tomorrow's flight.

On the flip side, I saw all the Occupy protesters in Melbourne on the teevee at the gym this morning (and don't even get me started on that whole thing) taking up space and being generally disruptive seemingly just across the street from Federation Square.

Really? Could you not just go volunteer at a homeless shelter or something?

Anyway... I hope they're all peaceful and elsewhere while we're in Melbourne.

Once I got to work my day was somewhat dull over all. I've already wrapped up pretty much all of my projects, so there were only a couple of loose ends before I was at finger twiddling stage.

So I spent some time Googling shit we can do in Sydney... like you do.

Then, with about an hour and a half to go, someone came over with something "urgent" to appease The Powers That Be. Which would have been fine, but by the time I worked out how I could do it for them, they'd disappeared. Then they finally reappeared and said "go ahead".... and then I couldn't fine the right spot to put the files to make it work.


Suffice to say my last hour was somewhat stressypants. And then I had to rush through a "handover" with Rockchick (since H-San was off sick) before heading out the door.

The down side is I don't think I'll be able to properly relax until we make it to Sydney... but once we do, I'm going to have to find a way to go into serious relaxation mode. Granted that will probably look like a lot of rushing around all over Sydney to an outsider, but that works for me.

Once I finally checked out, I came home, jumped in the shower, washed my hair and then headed over to Tink's house to get my hair did.

I also got to meet the baby.... who was a little grizzly but has the biggest anime eyes. Just adorabubble.

Even though Tink didn't have time to colour my hair, I'm fairly happy with it. I still have colour left over from last time anyway, and it's all short and tidy and suitably stylish.

Fortunately because of that I ended up getting home much earlier than I expected to, but I still ended up heading down the road to get pizza, and made the most of the waiting time by drafting out the beginning of this post on the Blogger iPhone app... handy!

Now all I need to do is pack my suitcase and attempt to get an early night... since I have to be up at the crack of dawn to be ready for the taxi when it turns up at 5:45am...

I mean I love leaving early in the morning... but fuck me it's going to be a long day.

But if you'll excuse me, the pile of stuff on my suitcase isn't going to pack itself... I'll see you on the other side of next week.

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