benzo76 benzobot prime benzo lazerbot benzo tiki outline benzo's cat in the hatRaiding the archives for some previously unseen Benzo street art... and the bottom one I actually saw him working on (then went back later for finished pictures).
  • I often feel like it's better to live on in ignorance than to know something one way or the other and have to then act. Life in stasis. Often stupid, but there you go.
  • I got my other Kidrobot Swatch today... the one I can actually wear instead of keeping in the box.
  • Rockchick brought in Weetbix and Marshmallow slice... so fucking good... and such a big whack of nostalgia.
  • Sometimes it's interesting to hear other people's interpretations of particular events... and particular people. Actually, I think the correct word is "illuminating".
  • I'm very glad this is a short week.
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