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Welcome to my Saturday...

My Saturday technically started last night when I went to wash the dishes... no hot water (again)... and then when I went out this morning to relight it, it worked... and then it went out and wouldn't light.

This isn't the first time it's done that recently (actually it's done it at least once a week for the last month it seems... I blame partly the Spring weather, but mostly my dumbass landlord for installing the shitty thing in the first place), but I'm usually able to relight it eventually... but not always on the same day. So I had to improvise again. God bless that fucking giant stock pot I salvaged with Raury all those years ago... it's been a lifesaver.

Anyway, one improvised shower later, I was (theoretically) ready to face the day.

When we got to the supermarket we witnessed this skanky 20-something chick having some sort of temper tantrum in her car. It was so weird... I heard something, so I looked around, but there didn't seem to be anybody in the car opposite us... then suddenly this body threw itself up into view before disappearing again. She was obviously flailing around in there all by herself. Then next second she was sitting up, screaming at her mobile phone and proceeded to bang it against the dashboard.

What!? The!? Actual!? Fuck!?

Then she got out of the car, cursing and carrying on, slammed the door and ranted her way into the shopping centre. Unsurprisingly we kept our distance. But thankfully while we saw her in the cafe on our way to Bakers Delight, she disappeared after that.

I mean I know I can get tired and emotional, but seriously...

Anyway, shopping was calm and fairly average by comparison.

After shopping we headed into the city.

Just for something different, and because we had to park on Victoria Drive instead of Kintore Avenue, we wandered up to North Terrace via the University grounds... which is where I snapped the great paste-ups at the bottom of the post (go ahead, take a look... I'll wait here...).

There's a whole sequence of them along the main path... seriously cool, and I'm guessing they're historically famous Adelaide folk associated with the Uni in some way (perhaps the woman is the first woman to graduate from the Uni).

Anyway, we made it through the Uni and headed to the Museum to take a look at the ANZANG Nature Photography exhibition.

anzang nature photography 2011I haven't actually seen the ANZANG exhibition since 2008, when they crammed it in alongside the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition (which doesn't come to Adelaide any more... *pout*).

And either the quality of entries for ANZANG has seriously picked up, or seeing it take up the whole exhibition space, but it was much, much, much better than I remember it being... and I wouldn't be surprised if some of the photos get entered in the Wildlife Photographer competition. In fact, I hope a number of them do.

Sadly there aren't photos on the website of all the entries, so I had to make do with picking out features of some of the winners rather than my absolute favourites... because, naturally, most of my favourites didn't win a damn thing.

After that we wandered along the Mall and took a look in both David Jones and Myer for pewter money boxes... sadly they didn't really have that many, so I think I'm going to have to look elsewhere. We didn't really have very much more luck in the Christmas departments of either store (David Jones just don't care, their whole department is crammed into a tiny little room, but Myer have moved theirs into the spot where the toy department usually is)... a distinct lack of the toy soldier oeuvre...

adelaide uni history pasteup adelaide uni history pasteup
There was a slight success in the Lego minifig oeuvre though... I really need to stop buying those though...

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