uneventful pre-travel saturday

we seldom see anything as interesting as this at the supermarketThankfully, after yesterday's little boo-boo, I didn't wake up as sore as I was perhaps expecting too this morning. And it turns out that going to the theatre and being forced to sit pretty much still for two hours was good for my knee... it's scabbing over nicely.

I'm not sure I slept exceptionally well though, since I could only really lay on one side of my body comfortably.

And I swear that when I got out of the shower this morning I could feel each individual little nerve ending on my leg waggling about under the skin.

I also have to keep reminding myself that I don't really NEED to limp... sure, my knee is sore, but I can manage just fine without limping.

Thankfully Ma was running a little late this morning, so I was able to do the usual tidying, the aforementioned shower and sit on my bed waiting for the Betadine to dry before I got ready properly.

Shopping was a somewhat subdued affair... essentially I only really need enough to get me through the weekend, Monday dinner is the same as always, I need to invent something for Tuesday and then Wednesday, I'll pick up some takeaway after I leave Tink's with my hair did.

Because we were able to go around quite quickly, we got back to my place just after 9am, even though we'd left here later than usual.

Neither of us really needed anything much... I wanted a new tube of Face Protector from The Body Shop and Ma needed some more lens cleaner for her glasses, so we went headed into the city.

Face Protector and lens cleaner were duly acquired within the first 10 minutes and then we really had no idea what to do with ourselves.

In the end we did a little wandering, and ended up in Toys R Us looking at the Lego minifigs again.

You know that point when you have to acknowledge that something that you were just picking up if you happened to see it has turned into a collection. That pretty much happens when you buy a specially built display case for said items. Or, rather when Ma buys it as part of your Christmas present. And I actually have more of the stupid little minifigs than there are spaces in the case... so a second case may be necessary.

And that was it really... a brief stop at the supermarket in the Village to buy some stuff for lunch and Ma toddled off home.

I'm not entirely sure how I can be completely freaking out about out travel arrangements for this trip and at the same time not even feel like it's really about to happen. I'm sure I've said that just about every other time though (more specifically the second part rather than the first)... but given all the upheaval with Qantas, I'm definitely more on the side of nervous rather than excited.

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