short and non specific saturday

supermarket sweepA generally non specific shopping day...

The only real difference to the usual routine this morning was the fact that we took my car to the supermarket rather than Ma's... just to make sure it would still start really.

Which it did.

Once we'd done the shopping thing and the unpacking thing we headed into the city to go and see the Waterhouse Art Prize at the Museum.

It also seems like the days of the really, really cheap Saturday on street parking have come to an end. From 30c to $1 for three hours... a bloody cheek, I say. Of course I'm half kidding... $1 isn't so bad, but it's just a bit of a hike and a surprise.


waterhouse art prize 2011While I never seem to agree with the piece they choose as the winner for the Waterhouse Art Prize, I think the standard of entries this year was better than in the last couple of years (or compared with last year at the very least).

But at least this year there were a couple of entries that I really gravitated towards... but as soon as I saw the six foot tall, shiny aluminum Icheumon Wasp by Colin Rogers (at the top of the image on the right) I kinda fell in love.

Although, for possibly the first time ever, one of the entries in the Youth Art Prize section very nearly got my nod for the People's Choice Award... Blue Swimmers by Vela Noble (the second one in the image on the right)... so free and beautifully rendered.

And possibly because I've been buying art and things in the last couple of years and because a few of the works had those distinctive red dots next to them, that buying something could be an option. I didn't... everything in the right price bracket that I liked was already sold anyway. But it would have been nice.

What wasn't so nice was some of the people wandering around... or it could have just been that people in general were getting on my nerves... and I still don't understand why you would bother bring kids to an art exhibition where you have to spend the whole time telling them not to touch things and not to wander off. But that's just me.

Once we were done with the exhibition we wandered over to the Mall and were the very epitome of wandering aimlessly... we stopped off at OPSM briefly so I could show Ma the frames for my glasses, but oddly they didn't have the frames in stock any more.

I swear, my luck with that particular pair of classes is just shitty...

Anyway, we only really stopped off at Haighs and Smiggle... and then stood around watching some kid buskers who were playing a big PVC pipe instrument (I'm sure it must have a name, but I have no idea what)... they were pretty good actually.

And that was about it... we were back here by about 2pm...

A short and non specific day, but it ticked all the appropriate boxes.

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Vela said...

I'm extremely flattered that you like my work! I'll try and enter again next year. :)

yani said...

I absolutely loved it... and I look forward to seeing your work again next year :)


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