feel like crap

not feeling greatIt has not been a great 48 hours...

Yesterday morning the in-seam on my dress pants tore after I came out of a meeting... I dropped them into my dry cleaners last night only to find that the woman who does the repairs is going on leave, so they won't be ready for an extra week or something.

So I wore jeans to work since I don't have a spare pair of dress pants at the moment.

This morning I woke up at 6:10am, which meant by the time I would have gotten ready and walked to the gym it would essentially have been time to turn around and come back again.

By the time lunchtime came around I was starting to feel less than stellar and everything I looked at for lunch seemed really gross... so I had a Boost Juice for lunch and just proceeded to feel worse all afternoon.

Fortunately the only phone call we had pretty much all day was a wrong number...

Now I feel all achey and both cold and hot... in short, shithouse. And although I haven't really eaten anything since breakfast, I don't really feel like eating anything.

Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow... it's probable that I'll be the only one in The Nut House... and in ten days we're jetting off to Brisbane... have to be better by then goddamit.

I blame my co-workers... always bringing germs and shit into the office... I managed to avoid it all for so long...


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Mind Of Mine said...

It sucks being sick. Maybe you should take a day off just to recover.


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