photo friday: blue mr sloppy

blue mr sloppy goes to chinatownBehold! The rare blue Mr Sloppy! I knew there was a blue one around, and a recent photo tipped me off to where I might find it.

It's been an odd week... out on Monday night... movies on Tuesday night... my knee has been playing up all week so I skipped the gym today... and Glamazon left The Nut House for pastures new, so we had a group lunch on Thursday.

Oh, and when I went out to drive to the photography course on Monday night only to discover that my car's battery seemed to have died, so I had to take a very expensive taxi. And tomorrow is going to entail a bunch of pfaffing around getting a new battery, complicated by the fact Ma is having her hair cut tomorrow morning.

My knee is somewhat concerning... it's weird because it seems to be fine when I'm using it in a straight line, it's more either turning or getting started that's the problem. I'm not sure if it's something I'm doing at the gym, or my newish gym shoes or even something as stupid as the fact I've changed brands of glucosamine tablets.

Hopefully nothing else goes screwy over the weekend...

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