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Herein there are discussions of travel plans... hence the Melbourne/Sydney photos...

There are two and a half days (give or take) left before we head off to Brisbane.

The nerves kinda officially kicked in yesterday... or more specifically, the "we're going somewhere we haven't been before" nerves... because at this point, going to Melbourne feels like wearing a comfortable (if hipster-eske) jacket... and Sydney almost feels like coming home. But Brisvegas is an unknown quantity at this stage. But it's only when I stop and think about it that I get all jittery...

I've made my packing list... my big silver suitcase is taking up space in the bedroom currently... and I'm rocking low level butterflies.

I've also kinda fallen into that "Week Before Holidays" mode at work... as in, I really can't be bothered doing much work. Which nicely coincides with me not having a lot on my plate, so it all works out well. And the fact that we went out to lunch today helped fill in some extra time... and of course eating pizza and having a beer at lunch does not make for an overly productive afternoon.

We haven't even gone on this trip and we're already planning the next one. In fact I think this is the first time that we've made any kind of definite plan for the next trip before we've even taken the upcoming one.

But when Stephen Fry comes back to Australia and beings the QI program (and Alan Davies) with him, what is one supposed to do... you can't not book tickets.

It all came together in reasonably short order really... I heard about it on Monday, then pretty much forgot about it until someone mentioned Mr Fry again on Twitter yesterday.

Then the time between investigating ticket prices (expensive, but doable), having a quick planning conversation with Ma and buying said tickets (not the greatest seats ever, but you get that booking online) was really, really quick.

So quick in fact that I forgot about the fact that we're going to be a man down in The Nut House at that point anyway... so that's going to be something H-San gives me crap about for the next three months.

I did have a minor panic attack yesterday though, because I thought that the ticket I've had for since late last year for Holding The Man was actually for the same night as QI Live. Thankfully though Holding The Man is actually the Friday before, otherwise that would have been a whole world of drama.

We're definitely going a step up with this next set of travel plans... we were planning to go to Sydney anyway around the beginning of November to see the Sculpture by the Sea again... but since QI is happening in Melbourne, we'll head over that morning, spend the day wandering around, see QI (which is a two and a half hour show... so I'm guessing they may be filming two episodes back to back), spend the night (hopefully in the same hotel we stayed in last time), then jetting off to Sydney...

My first two stage/state/city holiday... feels terribly grown-up or something.

But that's next time... first stop, Brisbane!

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