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It hasn't been a great day...

The card I fill out every day at the gym that details my workout went missing. The tray I put the card in doesn't have a name on it anymore, and the card is gone. And when I wanted to ask one of the personal trainers about it there wasn't a single one of them anywhere.

Then I took my glasses into the opticians and the nice man took one look at them and declared them to be finished. Not the news I really wanted to hear, even if I have had them for about five and a half years.

So I booked in to have my eyes tested at lunch tomorrow, browsed the frames until I found a pair I liked which hopefully will save time tomorrow. But that means I have to deal with my broken glasses for at least the rest of the week.


Unconscious Mutterings....
  1. Google :: Don't Be Evil
  2. Cooking :: Show
  3. Pillow :: Talk
  4. Star Trek :: Klingons on the starboard bow
  5. Wake :: Boat
  6. Chili :: Con Carne
  7. Premise :: Argument
  8. Share :: Time
  9. Celebrity :: Overrated
  10. Stream :: Bubbling
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