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Today's Random Hotness features my three favourite dancers from Season 7 of the US version of So You Think You Can Dance.

From left to right... 19 year old Contemporary dancer, Robert Roldan... 20 year old Contemporary dancer, Billy Bell... and 18 year old Contemporary Jazz dancer, Kent Boyd.

robert roldan billy bell kent boyd
Kent was like an adorable puppy you just want to pet... eager and sweet and excited. But when he was given a serious routine, he generally danced the ass off it.

Robert was so humble and yet so talented...

But Billy is my favourite dancer of the three... he's a God Of Dance in his own style, he just didn't adapt to the different styles on the show as well as the others...

robert roldan kent boyd
billy bell
Billy's body really does things that a human body really shouldn't be able to do... and looks amazing doing them.

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Vera said...

I loved these three boys. Based of pure talent, Billy really should have won, but it was impossible not to love Kent and I wasn't at all surprised when he took the crown. Are you watching this year? Who do you think will when?

yani said...

Well I would imagine you would have been slightly surprised, since he didn't actually win :P

And no, they aren't screening Season 8 here yet, and given that we just had Seasons 6 and 7 back to back, I think I need a little time off ;)


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