photo friday: beer and benzo

fatbot lover back alley beer
Dipping into the archives for today's Photo Friday.

I CANNOT wait to get my new glasses next week... my old ones are really, really, really, really annoying me... they sit at a slightly funny angle and I'm sure the masking tape keeps rubbing against my temple and giving me weird phantom tingles on the side of my head. Grrrr.

I also really need to take that holiday at the beginning of August... I'm getting somewhat snippier than usual... partly because other members of The Nut House have been either sick or otherwise absent on and off for the last couple of weeks and there are a bunch of new things on the horizon that I'm unsure of, so my annoyance level is fairly high.

Whether a week off will help or not, only time will tell. Can't hurt though, right?

You remember how I said I was supposed to run my car around during the week? Yeah, not so much... did it Saturday, did it Sunday... couldn't be arsed doing it for the rest of the week. Fingers crossed it starts tomorrow morning since I have to meet Ma at the shops so she can drop her car off at the mechanic.

I was hoping to head to the zoo tomorrow... they're having an "animal enrichment day" which seemed like it would be rife with photo opportunities, but since Ma is putting her car in and the weather seems indecisive, I'm not sure that plan is going to come together.

On the up side that may mean we can visit the Burger Theory truck again instead on Leigh Street... woohoo...

And now it's time for quiche...

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