pelican tuesday

metalican on the wing
Pelicans... both real and artificial... from the test shoot the weekend before last. Not that today had anything to do with pelicans...

My workout card at the gym was tracked down this morning... I don't know what the hell the girly yesterday did about it, but there was a different girly on the counter this morning so I had to explain it all again. Turns out it was on the opposite side of the drawers...

And of course, because I've now been passed on to a third trainer, she called me this afternoon wanting to arrange a session to review my program... urgh... really? I fobbed her off for now, but I probably should organise something given that my knee has been playing up of late. And I also want to get some redundancies for my arm workout, since people will insist on wanting to use the same equipment that I need.

I also went off to the optometrist at lunchtime... he was very sweet (and a bit cute) and the whole thing was mostly painless. Turns out that while my shortsightedness hasn't gotten any worse, my astigmatism is about 15% worse or something. Essentially it means that my eyes have stretched a little bit vertically. But other than that he said that my eyes were perfectly healthy, which is good.

I'd pretty much decided on the frames I wanted yesterday, chunky black plastic Polo Ralph Lauren frames... the sales dude did show me a couple of other similar pairs, but I just kept gravitating towards the Polo ones. Not quite as fancy as the Versace ones I have now, but they're something different and I've been leaning towards that kind of frame for a while.

Sadly it's supposed to be about a week before I get my hands on them though... so I'm going to be wandering around with this big lump of masking tape on my glasses for a while longer yet.

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