photo friday: tree people

laneway sculptureIt's been something of a turbulent 48 hours...

Yesterday was really good... booked our flight to Melbourne (hence the photo of a statue from a Melbourne laneway), saw Kim Smith at the Cabaret Festival... a very good time was had by all.

And before I went to bed I discovered my hot water was out... again... but by this point it was 1am so I figured I'd deal with it this morning, since I successfully managed to relight the pilot light after the plumber showed me how last year.

But then I overslept this morning and only woke up at 7am... and I did everything I think I'm supposed to do with the water heater but all I ended up with was frozen, numb thumbs and the need to bathe in a bucket.

I did managed to get through to my land agent on one of their numbers, but alas, it's too much to expect that anything would actually happen in a single day. I wish it wasn't too much, but obviously it is.

The end result was that I was an hour late for work and face a weekend without hot water. Again.

*deep breath*

On the upside, my ongoing belief that you can find just about anything on the internet if you look hard enough was further reinforced today... and for free!

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