bracegirdles, benzo and the beach

a stroll by the beach store's mermaid - completed
Actually, the title of this post is a little bit of a misnomer, but "Bracegirdles, Glenelg, Toy Soldiers and the Rundle Street Markets" didn't have that same alliterative ring to it...

Plus, the mermaid was done by Store, not Benzo... so it's all a big lie...

I had a plan today. As I said on Twitter on Friday... "I'm formulating a plan for Sunday that involves the beach, hot chocolate and street art... It's looking better all the time..."

Essentially it was a repeat of the plan from May last year... except on a smaller scale.

So this morning I pottered around the apartment for a bit then packed up all my bits and pieces and headed down to Glenelg.

I only really had two aims... to sit in the window of Bracegirdles with my book and a hot chocolate... and to photograph the completed Toy Soliders mural Ma and I discovered in progress on her pre-birthday outing.

The completed thing is gorgeous, and although I tried to do the panorama thing, I don't think I took enough shots to be able to stitch it together properly, so I'll have to attempt that again later... but it looks a little something like this...

the toy solider muralWhile I know that the diver is Benzo, the mermaid is Store and the little rock/pod things are Fredrock, I have no idea who is responsible for either the crab, the treasure chest, the leafy sea dragon or the treasure chest... not to mention the bit TS logo.

Photography over, I wandered down to Bracegirdles, ordered myself a hot chocolate plus a ham and cheese omelette and proceeded to take up the whole leather sofa in the window.

*contented sigh*

Chocolate was good... omelette was good... book was good... sofa was good...

Eventually I reached a break in my book and relinquished the sofa to a hot boy and his blonde girlfriend and took myself on a wander down to the water where I snapped a few more shots.

Then I wandered down to the other end of Jetty Road, and back, grabbed a newspaper and headed for the car. I figured that since I was already going "past", I may as well stop off at the Rundle Street Markets, just for a look.

I swear that that place gets worse as time goes on... I did look at alpaca scarves though, but they were essentially all too short other than the really expensive ones. Nice though.

And then I brought myself home again, and it turned out to only be about 12:30.

It was a very enjoying morning... I should do more of those...

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