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adelaide cabaret festival - raymond crowe - wonderful world of hand shadowRaymond Crowe and his Wonderful World of Hand Shadow was the show I remember Ma being particularly enthused about when we went through the festival guide...

That's not to say that I wasn't interested in seeing it... but to be honest beyond the titular hand shadows I didn't really know what to expect. And to be honest, I kinda thought there would have been more of them.

Turns out that Raymond is an "unusualist" (which I think is a term he made up since the only references to it in Google seem to be him)... essentially other than the hand shadows, he's also an illusionist, a ventriloquist and a comedian.

And he's quite good.

The hand shadows are really good... especially the rabbit from the picture... I think it's one he's really mastered the knack of because he does it especially well.

When he first started out with some of the magic tricks I'll admit I was a little bit disappointed since I could "see" the tricks... or at least work out how he was doing them, if not actually see him do them if that makes sense. But as the show progressed the tricks got more complicated and seemed much more like "magic".

There was also quite a bit of audience participation which included some hilarious ventriloquism. A lot of the show was very funny actually, Raymond has a great sense of timing.

He finished off the show with a hand shadow version of Louis Armstrong singing What A Wonderful World which was amazing!

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