i need a day off

that which i have promised thee...I currently have a headache... I have no idea why the hell I have a headache, but I do...

Although if I had to hazard a guess I would suggest that it's some combination of the cold weather, working late and, well, working my booty off.

We're only four days into the Month Without Sugarmonkey, and already I'm over it. People are coming out of the woodwork all over with time consuming requests, and although I'm generally not especially rushed off my feet most normal days, doing all the stuff I would normally do as well as all the stuff that Sugarmonkey would normally do it kinda draining.

Most of the time I don't really need a "To Do" list... I know what I need to do, I do it, I move on to the next thing. I'm currently on my second "To Do" list in as many weeks.

And I was aware how much discussion we do... we do a lot of talking about stuff and workshopping stuff and talking random crap about stuff... but it does eat up your day!

It's also kinda weird that while I may not normally have a full conversation with Captain Slow during a week, because it ends up being him and me towards the end of the day when everyone else has buggered off home, he's getting all chatty...

Yesterday that ate up most of the time before I left, but today I wanted to get stuff done so I ignored him as much as possible... in an appropriate, businesslike, "I'm busy" way, obviously.

It's also the stuff that comes up maybe twice a year that is suddenly showing up on my desk... why now?

So there's emails to write, documents to upload, documents to delete, meetings to go to, workshops to attend, CSS to code and rogue graphic designers to wrangle.

And I'm sure for some people that's all just a normal day at the office, but it's thrown me into a very high gear.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go and find some Nurofen and heat up some leftovers...

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