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folded corners, melbourneThe last meeting of the day was a very difficult end to a very difficult week... actually, a very difficult fortnight...

This whole "seeming to be responsible for pretty much everything" thing isn't particularly fun... every time I start something, something else appears and needs dealing with. It's going to be a long month... especially because I'm going to be spending half of it working an extra hour a day... but it seems I've been extended until at least December, so that's good!

I'm not going to into all the why's and wherefore's about why today, or more specifically the meeting at the end of today, was difficult, but as I said after I came out of the meeting... there is only one thing worse than dealing with people who are unreasonable and stupid... and that's dealing with people who are reasonable but still stupid.

Also, design is like a vacuum cleaner... honest.

But I kept remembering my "quiet centre", which I thinked helped with my watchwords for the day (dispassionate and calm)...

Fortunately, because today was Haircut Day I got to leave the meeting early, left H-San to carry the flag and I legged it.

It definitely felt good to burble at Tink and to just relax while getting my hair shampooed with tingly peppermint shampoo... damn I love that stuff!

Unsurprisingly I was very much over my hair... I've been over it for a while now, it's boring, its out of control and it's very obviously thinning on top (or at least compared to the back of my head... let's never speak of this again)... so I was almost at the point of going "let's just cut it all off and dye it fire engine red"...

Yes, Tink cut it shorter and yes we dyed it, but we went with the dark colour like last time, eyebrows included. And while my hair isn't short-short... it's shorter and tidier and I think it'll do, at least for now.

It was very easy to be distracted while I was sitting there with my hair cooking... there was this very, very cute guy in the chair next to me (who, to be honest, kinda looked better before he got his hair cut... or maybe just a little more rumpled)... and not only was he was cute and about 25... he was also French, with an edible accent to boot. This proves that there is no god, because nobody should be THAT hot AND that French!

After my hair I wandered off to pick up some ribbon for wrapping up Ma's birthday presents... and get some dinner and wander about just looking if anything else caught my eye for Ma... but nothing did really. So I resisted the urge to get her anything "just because"... other than some Haighs Dark Peppermint Chocolate Frogs and a birthday card.

It's difficult trying to decide on a card at the best of times... but when Ma actually decided to frame the card from last year it does set the bar very, very high... but I wanted something with a pink theme to match up with the box I was using... so the Moulin Rouge seemed appropriate...

ma's birthday presents 2010The box looks kinda spiffy, especially when you consider that it's actually the box that my birthday cupcakes came in... but it's a good, sturdy box (even if I did slightly ding one of the corners... shhhhh!) and as soon as I saw it I thought about re-appropriating for Ma's birthday.

And all her presents are tied up with pink ribbon and wrapped in pink tissue paper, kinda like I did last year, although the top and bottom of the box are covered with black tissue paper... I'm liking this "everything goes into one big container" idea... maybe next year I need to get her a container that's actually practical...

This year's presents:
  • Hustle - Seasons 1-5 (although it appears there's actually a Season 6 too, dammit)
  • Cherry Cranberry Pistachio Nougat
  • Haighs Dark Peppermint Chocolate Frogs
  • Silver seahorse decoration
  • Green glass bead earrings
  • Little Miso Peepo Night Cap badge
  • Black Sarah Rothe earrings
  • Helen Kuster Celtic pendant... or brooch... I don't actually remember now
  • Silver key pendant... which I kinda considered keeping for myself...
And there are probably a set of tickets to something at the Cabaret Festival that count as part of her birthday present too... but they're not in the box.

I think she may have to wait until later in the day for her present though... not sure there's going to be time during the morning... we'll see...

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