scarf related saturday

dude with the red scarfWhile last week was definitely a longer day... this week seemed to be much busier.

And much more about scarves and movies and with twice as many cabaret shows (that's two rather than one for those of you playing along at home)...

Of course it didn't help that I had to do the whole "boil water/make bath" thing first thing this morning...

"Welcome to Life in 1840... today's episode is about personal hygiene!"

But it was reasonably painless, even if I didn't quite rinse my hair off properly before the water was all done and had to do it with cold water. Brrrr!

Anyway, we headed off for the usual Supermarket Safari, although it was something of a light shopping week this week. Then we headed into Target to look at the offerings from their DVD sale... that is, once we actually found them, because they'd essentially hidden all the good stuff away in a slightly weird location... but I ended up getting a bunch of classic movies.

Once we were done with shopping and the requisite unpacking we decided to head down to Marion... mostly because I wanted to look for some more scarves... or for a red one at the very least.

I ended up buying three different scarves... one grey/black, stripy, long, skinny & knitted which I'm wearing now... one red, tartan and soft... and a little short grey one which may end up being semi useless, but it was cheap.

I also couldn't resist a pair of Bonds "Slipper Socks"... which I have to say are the weirdest sensation to wear, but I think that's because they're technically a size to o large (even though they're the S-M size). Very warm tho!

We also did quite a bit of wandering about, grabbed a spot of lunch, more wandering then decided to head off. Just before we did we stopped for a bathroom break and once I'd done what I needed to do and was turning to wash my hands, I almost literally bumped into J... of all the people to run into in the mens room! He was also there with his mum, so we had a brief yet odd conversation (outside the bathroom).

By the time we got back here we pretty much had enough time to get changed and head straight back out for our first Cabaret Festival show of the day.

The downside of the show was the group of kids sitting behind us who weren't completely obnoxious but they didn't' really sit still or shut up during a lot of the show.

And unfortunately because the first show finished at 4pm and the second show was 7pm there really wasn't a lot of point in sticking around the Festival Theatre, so we came back here, got changed again (don't ask... I was having a wardrobe crisis) and headed out to get some dinner before the second show.

When an item on the menu says that it comes with onion rings and wedges, you don't expect there to be very many of either... and for the first time in a long while I didn't end up finishing everything on my plate. It was all quite tasty though.

By the time we got back to the Festival Theatre it did feel like we'd only just left, which technically I guess we had. And all the famous folks seemed to be out and about... I saw Premier Mike Rann with a group of people (including a woman I assume was Mrs Rann trailing behind with an odd expression on her face... somewhere between irritation and boredom perhaps) and then while we were waiting for the theatre to open up, the Artistic Director of the Festival, David Campbell wandered past looking a bit sexiful in his leather jacket.

After the second show we stopped off for a warm drink and a serve of churros before calling it a night.

Only one festival show left to see now...

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