unconscious mutterings 385

I slept in, made a casserole and rice pudding (stew looks great, not sure about the pud yet), booked tickets to see the Tim Burton exhibition in Melbourne at the end of July, watching movies and only stepped foot outside the house at 4:15 because I wanted some bread to go with my casserole...

Bless Queen Elizabeth II and her birthday holiday...

Unconscious Mutterings...
  1. Offense :: Criminal
  2. Bench :: So You Think You Can Dance routine
  3. Kissing :: Yes please!
  4. Timely :: Intervention
  5. Yellow :: Submarine
  6. Get up and go :: Got up and went
  7. Beer :: "No teevee and no beer make Homer something something..."
  8. Calories :: Burn
  9. Blast :: Off
  10. Window :: Rear
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